A.1. Yes, it is that simple! With a few clicks and edits to the configuration settings, followed by an independent approval (to double check changes), you are good to go! Changes can be rolled out in less than an hour!

A.2. Yes, the configuration engine has complete audit trail of all changes and can be verified at any point of time. Moreover, IDV configuration settings are version controlled i.e. you can determine when to change the versions of specific organisation type IDV configurations.

A.3. There is no limit. We understand that every organisation is unique. You will be able to configure any number of roles and rename them as and when there are changes.

A.4. Yes, our role based access module enables you to specify tabs and sections of profile which can be restricted for access by staff performing specific roles in specified countries.

A.5. A KYC profile of a client changes across lifecycle i.e. from onboarding to trigger events to periodic reviews. At each point of change of KYC profile, a separate version is generated and stored in the system.

A.6. Yes, checker will be able to log different types of errors for each profile. Details of the same can be analysed to assess performance and improve productivity levels.

A.7. Yes, you can generate productivity reports (to track turnaround times, errors, etc) by various dimensions. You can also generate governance reports to ensure effective oversight on AML risk at portfolio level, overdue periodic reviews, drivers of risk ratings etc.




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