Product Value Proposition

When it matters, be Diligent!

Diligent solutions have been developed by financial services professionals with deep domain knowledge and first-hand experience of leading businesses and managing customer due diligence processes

Products Differentiators

Developed by Domain experts; Addresses industry challenges


Typical CLM Solutions

Implementation Approach


Saves implementation time and effort; Allows client policy experts to fine tune requirements

Requires Customisation

Significant time and effort in ‘customising’ solution to meet client requirements

Policy Execution


System drives policy execution across client segments and locations

Error prone

Need for Frontline, Middle and Back-office interpretation of policies to ensure effective execution

Managing Policy & Regulatory changes

< 1 day

Zero coding for implementing changes for any parameter in configuration engine

3 - 12 months

Inflexible systems requiring code changes and associated time, effort and costs

Requirement generation (Any Client type & Location)

Single Click

Requirements generation for any Client type, Connected parties across locations

1 day to 3 weeks

Manual approach to generation of requirements by subject matter experts

Beneficial ownership

Automated (option)

Policy driven visually intuitive ownership trees linked to due diligence & documentation tabs

N/A or Manual

Not linked to policy requirements; manual construct and not intuitive (if functionality is available)

Workflows and Decisioning

Risk based

Checking, Review and Approval of KYC profiles configurable across client lifecyclle

Standardised approach

Changes to workflows and decisioning roles require code changes, resulting in additional time, effort and cost

Risk Assessment Engine

Fully configurable

Risk ratings & Parameters driving risk assessment configurable on the go

Fixed, hard-coded

Ongoing changes to risk assessment approach require code changes, resulting in additional time, effort and cost

Customer experience

Digital; Self service (option)

Precise requirement definition enables fully digital, simplified customer journeys


Customers will still need to manually provide data and documents to facilitate due diligence

Client KYC Profiles

Version Controlled

System maintains version controlled KYC profiles across Client life cycle; Always audit ready


No comprehensive profile maintained; Evidencing execution in line with policy remains a challenge

Cost of Compliance

> 50% saves

Fully configurable, risk based and digital execution maximises process efficiencies at minimal cost


Expensive change management costs; Process inefficiencies from manual, standardised approach to execution

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